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What's your budget?

Your campaign will run on a monthly budget cycle that begins on the day your campaign is approved.

For example, if you campaign was approved on April 5th, you won't spend more than your monthly budget between April 5th and May 4th. On May 5th, we automatically renew your budget.

$ per month

$1000/month minimum

Don't worry you can change this later.

What's your target audience?

Tell us who you want to reach. The more you pick, the larger the potential audience.

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Where would you like to place your ads?

Choose distribution channels where you'd like to place your ads. We recommend selecting all options below to get you the lowest price and maximum reach; based on your bid, we will optimize your placements across all the networks you select to get you the best price possible.

Note: Getting into these networks is based on an auction model and subject to availability of excess inventory. Therefore, we cannot guarantee impressions in the networks you select.

Newsletter Directory

An ad network consisting of some of the most popular, high quality email newsletters


A collection of curated websites and blogs in the Carbon Ads Network

What would you pay for a click?

The higher you bid per click, the more users you could reach.

$ per click

The average cost per click for your categories is $0.50-$1.10

*Since you haven’t selected any standard demographics, the recommended price is based on an average price per click of ALL categories. This may change depending on which categories you select. Select your Target Demographic now!

Here's a small sample of publishers your ad could get into and what your LaunchBit dashboard might show.

You can click the 'Block' link in your dashboard to block publishers you don't want your ad to get into.
  • Approximate number of leads you may get:
  • Approximate cost-per-lead:

Note: Cost-per-lead and number of leads may vary depending on your landing page.

What should the ads look like?

The more formats you add, the more people you’ll reach. We may also make some formatting changes to your ads in order to reach a wider audience.

You can add more creatives once you’re live.

Can't see your images? Try turning off AdBlock.

Ad formats for

Note: that if you include a domain name URL, use the word "FREE," or use ALL CAPS, your ad may be modified.

Banner (468 x 60px)

gif, png, jpg or jpeg (Max size: 40kb)

468 x 60px

clear image

Ad format for Carbon Ads Network

Note: that if you include a domain name URL, use the word "FREE," or use ALL CAPS, your ad may be modified.

Where should we send the traffic?

We add the UTM tag so you can track clicks more easily. If you rather put a publisher's name in another part of your URL, just use <<publisher>> where you would like the name to appear.


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      Note: While your credit card will be authorized immediately, you will be post-paying for your campaigns. You will only pay for the clicks that you have received. You will be charged on the 1st and 16th of each month.

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