How LaunchBit works

LaunchBit is a customer acquisition platform for SaaS companies that allows to quickly and easily take out pay-per-click campaigns. LaunchBit integrates with ad networks that reach different verticals of professional audiences and helps you analyze your results. Through our insights and analysis, we can help you cost-effectively generate high quality leads and achieve growth.

Start a campaign

The LaunchBit platform serves both self-serve and enterprise customers. You can immediately deploy an advertising campaign from our homepage without any help. Or, you can give us a call, and we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Review your campaign

The LaunchBit platform allows you to preview plausible results before you start an actual campaign. Through this, you can see reach possibilities and plausible channel performance.

Customer dashboard

The LaunchBit platform has a customer dashboard that helps b2b marketers review past and current advertising campaigns. You also have control over which publishers your creatives displays in. This means you can determine which publishers are converting and which ones aren’t and can block those publishers that are not converting.

Detailed analytics

The LaunchBit platform gives each customer access to detailed analytics that give statistics around how many impressions, clicks, and even conversions each publisher is generating. Moreover, we tag every link with a utm_content variable and populate that with the name of a particular publisher, enabling customers to track conversions down to the publisher level. Lastly, our client services team can help you analyze your results and optimize where you should be allocating your resources amongst the networks we're integrated with.