We’ve been acquired!

I’m pleased to announce LaunchBit has been acquired by BuySellAds.

Growing up in the Bay Area during the dot.com boom, my co-founder Jennifer and I have long been inspired by entrepreneurs and the technology they build to better the world.  (But perhaps more importantly, as teenagers, we were enamored with how much pizza you were allowed to eat. :) )  In fact, we thought startups were so exciting that we began talking about starting a business together even as early as freshman year in high school!  And in our junior year, we made a pact that someday we would go into business together.


At 500Startups in 2011

A decade later, LaunchBit would become that business, and along the way, we’ve had the opportunity to work with an amazing set of customers, employees, investors, and advisors.


Our first team offsite

Building an adtech company from just a handful of advertisers and publishers in 2011 to a few hundred advertisers and thousands of publishers on newsletterdirectory.co has been quite a journey.  Looking back on our journey, Jennifer and I are proud of how much our team has accomplished in the last three years.


Sending our best advertisers and publishers packages for the holiday

As we continued our growth, we started partnering with larger ad networks including a company called BuySellAds (BSA).  BuySellAds is a premium ad network that reaches high quality tech audiences including developers, designers, and entrepreneurs amongst a number of other categories.  Over time, in working closely with them, we realized we shared a similar vision for adtech and goals.  It made a lot of sense to team up with them.  So, today, I’m pleased to publicly announce that BuySellAds is acquiring LaunchBit and will continue to run our cost-per-click network just the same as always.  It was important to Jennifer and me that if we were going to sell our company, it would be to someone who would run the business like we would.  I’m confident that BSA is that company.

So for Jennifer and me, this is the end of our journey with LaunchBit, but we’re on to new adventures.  Thank you so much for all of your support!



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