Website Wednesday: How to increase your prospects with social proof

What is social proof?  Put simply, it’s the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something. In the b2b industry, social proof is showing off your customers’ successes as result of your product – and any positive things they have to say about it are pure gold.

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Thought leaders have more social power

Smart marketers know that social proof is the marketing tactic for easing the minds of worried customers. Try to find a customer that represents what your ideal customer looks like. Be picky. All customers provide value and you should respect that, but be realistic about who will elevate your social status to a new level. Emphasize how your company solved their problems and gave them a return – this gives other prospective customers a way to relate to them.

Teach, don’t preach

Social proof is the best way for prospects to learn why your product is great, and to remind existing customers why they made a smart choice. But remember, this is your customers helping you. Don’t add too much fluff. They will be going over this content with a magnifying glass – as they should – it’s their own name in those pages.

Tell a story

Don’t just give facts, tell a story. What would persuade you more, a 5-star review or a detailed account of how your product was able to give them the highest returns they’ve ever had? I’m sure you can guess which form of social proof is more powerful.

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