We’re publishing a book!

I’m excited to announce that we’ll be releasing a book on email marketing in June! This is a book that we’ve been working on for a very long time based on data from across thousands of email lists.  (Even though the current cover says only my name, this book was written by my colleagues Audrey Cu, Zachary Tong, Jennifer Chin, and me.)

A few things about this book:

1) This book is for data-driven marketers.

image credit justgrimes

There is too much fluff in marketing. There are too many so-called experts who want to give you advice on marketing best practices that are not grounded in anything. Our book is all about data. If you don’t enjoy looking at charts and graphs, this book is not for you.

2) This book goes against the grain.

image credit mykonos

Some of the advice that we’ll share in our book goes against common wisdom in marketing.  Our advice, again, is based on data. And we found that sometimes data suggests that you do something opposite to common wisdom. We don’t cater to the crowds, so if you want a book that discusses common marketing wisdom, this book is not for you.

3) Our analyses are our own opinions.

We are a very data-driven team. We look at numbers – a LOT.  In this book, to help you digest what the numbers mean, we’ll give you our interpretation of the data. That said, we will also be upfront with you about how strongly the data backs our opinion.  In some cases, we may not have enough data to conclusively argue for a particular case, and we’ll be frank with you about that.  We will try to lay out all the caveats we can think of since we aim to be as objective as possible. You will see both the data and our opinions and will be able to draw your own conclusions.

4) This is not just some fluff marketing ebook.

image credit Miguel Mendez

We have spent 2 years building up to this book. And, we’ve spent a lot of time writing, revising, and editing. Even though it’s being produced by a corporation, this is not some gimmick. This is a real book. And our aim is to make this the very best tactical, data-driven, marketing book you’ve read in a long time — it will be that good.  Even if you are a super experienced marketer and an email marketing expert, I think you will learn a lot from the data we’ve collected.  And certainly those who are new to email marketing will get a lot out of this book as well.

5) Best of all, I am making this book free…but only for one week.

The book isn’t done yet. Heck, the title is even a work in progress. But when it’s done, I’m going to release it for free for one week. After that, we’ll charge for it on Amazon, because it’s going to be that good.  We’re giving everyone fair warning, so don’t come crawling to me in July asking me for a free copy of the book.  I don’t care how close we are — even my mom won’t get it for free after that one week.

So, make sure you don’t miss that free week.  Sign up below to get notified when we launch it. We are aiming to get this book done in the next month or so.

  1. Nick F says:

    There are no best practices. All email marketing is spam. Don’t do push marketing, do pull based. Let us see you on the real-estate when we do a search or look at a blog. I will delete all your email marketing and feel very good about it.

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