How much budget should you allocate for paid advertising?

I can’t remember how many conversations I’ve had with people about how they threw some money at paid advertising and then were severely disappointed when the results came back nil.

So I asked them, “Well, how much did you spend?”

When their answers came back to me I was not surprised one bit that they had less than impressive results with their paid ad campaigns.

One self-proclaimed b2b marketing pro responded, “I put $50 on the Facebook ad exchange and I got nothing.” Another said, “It was the worst $20 I’ve ever spent.” One hopeless soul even said she’d spent only $10 and was irate at the lack of clicks her ad received.… Read the rest


How to use @Twitter cards for #b2b lead generation

Twitter’s Lead Generation cards generate inbound interest from users by allowing them to easily share their information with your company from within a Tweet. Lead Generation cards will allow marketers to collect leads directly within the tweet. Users don’t even have to fill out a form — their information (Name, email, and username) is already pre-filled within the card.

“Marketers regularly talk to us about their goals, and for many it boils down to one major theme: generating leads, and ultimately driving purchases.” – Twitter Advertising (@TwitterAds)

The Lead Generation Card makes it easy for users to express interest in what your brand offers.… Read the rest


This Week’s Top Stories in Online Advertising

You want the latest and greatest about what’s happening in the online advertising world? Well, look no further.


Who Should Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Who Shouldn’t

Chances are, you’ve heard about the amazing return on investment that can be had with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. A return of 300 percent or even higher isn’t at all unusual with this form of advertising. Read more…


Inventor of World Wide Web Criticizes Online Advertising

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, has little positive to say about advertisers who dress their online ads up to look like content.He also slammed Microsoft’s practice of attaching ads to emails sent by users of its Hotmail service, saying that it “either perverts or distorts the message.”  Read more…


Twitter Tests Click-to-Call Button in Sponsored Ads

San Francisco-based company’s ad rates dropped in the final three months of last year, marking the seventh straight quarter of such declines. Twitter is actually pulling in an increasing amount of revenue from ads because more users are engaging with them by clicking on links, or by retweeting or favoriting them. Read more…



How to set up URL parameters to improve your b2b marketing campaign

By setting up URL tracking to analyze and compare your blog content or various ad creatives and the different channels you place them in, you can measure the actions and behavior of your traffic and optimize your b2b marketing campaigns.

So how do you set up URL parameters? Keep scrolling…

For simplicity, I’m going to focus on setting up URL parameters for your blog posts, but keep in mind that this exact process can be used for any link you want to track, including ad creatives.

Let’s say you have two different blog posts.

One has URL parameters. That means that when someone clicks on this link, that visit will be categorized by Google Analytics how you want this information organized — based on the referral data for this particular blog post.… Read the rest


5 things you should test on your landing pages

I’ve written before that creating a great landing page is really quite simple once you understand the basics. You don’t need a 50-point checklist to figure out if yours is up to standards, but you do need to split test your elements if you want to optimize your conversions. Here are 5 things you should test on your landing pages and what some of today’s foremost marketing pros have to say about them.

1. The headline

The headline is the most important thing to split test. Ask yourself, is your primary headline phrased to answer the question “What is this page about?”

Michael Aagaard, self-confessed split test junkie and copywriting fanatic, conducted 3 case studies with an accumulated sample size of a little over 50.000 visitors.… Read the rest


7 quick tips to create high-converting landing pages

LaunchBit CEO, Elizabeth Yin teamed up with Oli Gardner, Co-founder and Creative Director at Unbounce – the leading software in landing page builders – to hold a webinar for b2b marketers titled, How to Create and Optimize High-Converting Landing Pages. Here are some tips on how to create awesome landing pages that convert a lot of leads.

1. Increase conversions while lowering ad spend. You’re probably running ads on multiple sources or channels. If you’re going to be spending money on paid ads, you need to maximize those ad dollars and turn your traffic into more conversions on your landing pages.… Read the rest


This Week’s Top Stories In Online Advertising

You want the latest and greatest about what’s happening in the online advertising world? Well, look no further. LaunchBit scoured the web to find some of the top posts and news articles, just for you. Keep scrolling and check out what we’ve rounded up this week.


Behind the Preplanned Oscar Selfie: Samsung’s Ad Strategy

Samsung spent an estimated $20 million on ads to run during breaks in the Academy Awards broadcast on Sunday night. But Samsung may have got more promotional mileage from Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres during the show itself. Read more…


The Online Advertising Dilemma: Wasteful or Useful?… Read the rest


How Google Trends Can Improve Your SaaS Blog Content

It should be no surprise that a year-end study  by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs revealed that 73 percent of B2B marketers produced more content in 2013 than the previous year – not only that, but more than half plan to increase content budget for this year. Content marketing is on the rise and you’ll do right to conform to this social movement.

content blog 2.png

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William Steward, Inbound marketing pro at Inconsive, says “b2b companies that blog produce 67% more leads than companies that don’t.”

But, it takes a lot of time and effort trying to come up with interesting stuff that your prospects and customers would actually want to read.… Read the rest


This Week’s Top Stories in Online Advertising

So, each week LaunchBit scours the web to find some of the top online advertising posts and news articles, just for you. Keep scrolling and check out what we’ve rounded up this week.


Why Google’s Latest Acquisition Could Be Good for the Whole Online Ad Industry

Google and other online advertising companies don’t like fake ad views any more than the people paying for them. It affects their credibility, lowers prices, and weakens confidence in the online ad market as whole. Read more…


If Native Advertising Is So Harmless, Why Does It Rely On Misleading Readers?

The devil walks into a bar and sits at a table with eight newspaper and magazine publishers plus one strange little fellow in shabby, dated robes.… Read the rest


Why your headline doesn’t hold my attention

I’ve talked about headlines before and how important they are. The headline on your ad creative or your landing page is the first thing your visitors will see – not the ad text copy, not the landing page form, not even the call to action – and therefore it’s the first opportunity to make an impression. The headline is a BIG deal because it’s what what compels your visitors to click, or read, or share, or convert.

Still, MANY b2b marketers underestimate just how important headlines are and how they can make a difference in getting more eyes on your content.

Peter Koechley of Upworthy once spoke about how advertisers don’t spend enough time on headlines even though “they are the easiest way to dramatically increase the virality of what you do.”

Headlines are all about attention.… Read the rest