3 ways to reach hyper-targeted business audiences using Facebook

Hyper-targeted audiences

Facebook ads have gone through massive transitions over the years. In the beginning, the targeting capabilities were very simple: select demographic options and get your campaign in front of people who met those demographics. The problem with this was that you didn’t have the ability to go granular in your campaign. If you wanted to reach small business owners, they put your ad in front of EVERYONE who was even remotely involved with a small business. But what if you just wanted to reach say small business owners who were Constant Contact users? There wasn’t a way to get that granular.… Read the rest


How do SaaS companies change their pricing over time?

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Creating pricing plans is one of the more difficult tasks that a marketer can do. SaaS pricing is especially interesting, because small changes in price can compound and make a huge difference in the end. For example, raising a price by just $5 per month can mean an additional $60 per year per customer. So I was curious to see how SaaS companies change their pricing over time.

A snapshot of SaaS pricing

Since we didn’t have a database of SaaS pricing, I used the Wayback Machine to take a look at pricing from 7 companies over the last few years:

Even though 7 companies do not represent the SaaS market as a whole, they do provide some insight into some patterns that SaaS companies go through over time.… Read the rest


How to increase traffic to your blog post by 100% using Twitter

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Blog writing is tough. You write a post. You create a headline. But often, you don’t know if it’s the best headline that will drive optimal traffic.

So our friends over at Buffer had a clever idea. Why not “split test” headlines using Twitter? (“Split test” is in quotes, because you cannot actually split test on Twitter using the truest definition of the phrase, but you can come close…)  Using this method, they were able to increase traffic to one of their blog posts by 100%.

How to split test blog headlines using Twitter

So how did they do it?… Read the rest


How important is split testing to B2B marketers?

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We like to have a good pulse on what’s happening in B2B marketing. So every now and then, we’ll poll the community on a particular topic and will publish the results. Like this.

Today, we want to understand if and how B2B marketers are split testing. Are they split testing ad creatives? Landing pages? Emails? Social media posts? Mobile apps? Etc… Or do B2B marketers think split testing is a waste of time?

We want to hear your thoughts on this and are opening a quick poll today.  This should take no more than 5 minutes to fill out.… Read the rest


Improve the ROI of Your Content Marketing Recap

Last week, our friends over at RJMetrics invited us to partake in their webinar on how to Improve the ROI of Your Content Marketing. This is a topic that we see a lot of B2B marketers struggle with. Marketers write so much content — often really good content! But, then they’re disappointed that only 2 people tweet their article. Does this happen to you?

In this webinar, Janessa Lantz, Head of Content Marketing at RJMetrics, dissected their content marketing strategy (even showing how their audience has grown in the last year), and we discussed how paid marketing fits in with content marketing and how it helps expand your audience.… Read the rest


3 unusual ways to generate more leads

Want more cheap leads? How about free leads? A lot of marketers leave free leads on the table, because they don’t even think about how they can better optimize their lead generation process.

Here are 3 free ways to get more leads:

1) Promote your ebook/white paper/webinar/other piece of content in your email signature

Heck, ask everyone at your company to place this piece of content in their email signature! Your email signature is typically wasted space, and yet everyone sends so many emails every day. This idea is courtesy of Hubspot – for more tips, check out their full list of lead generation suggestions.… Read the rest


Using customer support as a marketing tactic

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All too often, customer support is viewed as just a warm and fuzzy activity and from a business perspective, a major cost center. But, at LaunchBit, our business perspective is that it is a good marketing channel. These are the types of people who typically write to our support line, which we triage using Freshdesk: 1) prospective customers, 2) current customers, and 3) salespeople (people trying to sell us stuff).

When we started LaunchBit, I did all customer support myself. These days, someone else on my team does customer support, but I think it’s still important for me to get involved from time to time to maintain a pulse on what is happening on the front lines of our business.… Read the rest


Improve the ROI of Your Content Marketing

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Do you ever feel like no one is reading your ebooks? That you are writing content for no one?

This happens to a lot of marketers, so we’re teaming up with our friends over at RJMetrics to discuss how you can improve the ROI of your content marketing. We’ll be holding a joint webinar to talk about how you can build an audience with paid marketing to improve the ROI of your content efforts.

When: Wednesday, April 30 at 10am PT

What you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s harder than ever for content marketers to get heard
  • How paid marketing can (and should) be used to drive inbound efforts
  • What you need to know to get started with paid content marketing

We work with a lot of stellar marketers, but the folks over at RJMetrics are amongst the best of the best.… Read the rest


This Week’s Top Stories in Online Advertising

You want the latest news about what’s happening in the online advertising world? Well, look no further.


Partnering With BuySellAds, Email Ad Network LaunchBit Shifts Focus To Lead Generation

LaunchBit, an email ad network that launched in 2012, is taking a new direction — in the words of co-founder Elizabeth Yin, “LaunchBit is pivoting to a customer acquisition platform for SaaS companies.” Read more…


IP targeting startup El Toro disrupts online advertising with ‘phonebook for the web’

Startup El Toro’s patented technology takes IP targeting to a whole new level, making internet advertising more efficient. It will raise hackles, but it’s highly effective.  Read more…


YC-Backed Boostable Offers A New Way For Online Sellers To Advertise

If someone’s trying to promote, say, their products on Etsy, or their events on Eventbrite, or their housing on Airbnb, they can already buy ads for themselves.  Read more…

 … Read the rest


Announcing our partnership with BuySellAds

I’m pleased to announce today that we’ve partnered with BuySellAds. BuySellAds is a fantastic company that runs several niche ad networks — they work with a wealth of publishers who write for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and many other tech audiences.  With this partnership, we’ve connected our cost-per-click auction technology to help SaaS marketers buy extra high quality ad inventory in these networks: FusionAdsAd Packs, and Yoggrt Ads.

Specifically, on LaunchBit, you can now bid on ad inventory in these networks at a cost-per-click that makes sense for your business. This allows you to get in front of relevant audiences at a cost-effective price.… Read the rest