Is there an ideal day of the week to post to Facebook?

image credit: Sean MacEntee

Ever notice that when you post to your Facebook page, your posts don’t reach most of your Facebook followers (people who have Liked your Facebook page)? How does Facebook decide who to show your Facebook posts to? We’ve been trying to reverse-engineer this algorithm.

In our last post, we showed that there actually are ideal times to post to Facebook (at least for us at LaunchBit).  In today’s post, we’ll analyze whether there’s an ideal day of the week to post to Facebook. Note: this again is using our data at LaunchBit, so your mileage may vary.

First, I plotted the reach that each of our posts achieved against day of the week. (n=180 posts)

Then I took the average reach of each day as well as the overall average (mean) of the whole dataset.  I did this excluding the two outliers (outlined in pink above).

The overall mean for the total dataset (excluding the 2 outliers) is 35.6.  The dataset also does not have a normal distribution.  (Normal as in the statistics definition of the word)  The standard deviation for the whole dataset is 28.5.  If it were normal, it would mean that almost every post would reach between -50 and  121.1.  But, reaching a negative number of people is just not possible on Facebook. :)

Nonetheless, just from eyeballing these numbers, you can see that no particular day of the week garners greater reach than others.  The average reach for each day of the week is within 3 impressions from the overall mean.

In plain English, it does not matter what day of the week we post.  Have you found that certain days have greater reach than others for your Facebook page?





  1. Stephane says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    nice insights. Unfortunately, no social media manager alone can find the perfect time by him/herself.
    Because you can’t just look at your past performance only. To be statistically correct, you would need to post the exact same content every hour, every day of the week. Even doing this, some biases would remain (external factors).
    That’s why we’ve created Wisemetrics ( Come have a look and tell me your opinion. :)

    • Elizabeth Yin says:

      Hi Stephane — agreed. We would need to sample a lot more times and days to see if any were correlated with reach. To be clear, this post is about whether there are any times that we’ve tried to date that is correlated with reach. And, it’s specific to us.

  2. Erwin says:

    Greetings! Unbelievably educational tips in just this unique write-up! It’s the tiny improvements that will create the largest improvements. Several due for sharing!

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