How to find and interview potential customers

By Elizabeth

Last night, I gave a talk at the monthly Lean Startup Circle meetup in Boston.  I’d been getting so many questions from people about their difficulties in finding potential customers to interview.  So, I decided to do a really deep dive on how you can tactically find and interview potential customers.  Slides posted here:

I fielded questions throughout my presentation, but I also learned some new tips along the way.  One participant offered a tip on finding contact information: look for press releases from a particular company.  Then, use the format of the email address to write to the person you want to reach.  John Prendergast, one of the organizers of them meetup, mentioned a trick that he uses in reaching out to specific people to request a phone call with.  In his emails to potential interviewees, he’ll cite their expertise and request to learn from that.

The Boston Lean Startup Circle, run by John Prendergast, Abby Fichtner, and Matthew Mamet, is really awesome — always new stuff to learn there.  So, if you haven’t attended before, you should definitely go.  Or, check out a Lean Startup Circle meetup in your local area.

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