Hate talking with customers? Go to Lean Startup Machine

By Elizabeth

Let’s be honest — talking with potential customers is a drag.  I get nervous in talking with people about their behavior, especially when I have to ask questions about price and how much they might expect to pay for things.  I don’t want to hear about why someone won’t use my potential product idea.  I don’t want to hear people’s lukewarm responses either.  I really really dread talking with potential customers.

And yet, with each business idea, I know I have to do it.  Just in talking with a handful of people, I know I can immediately get clarity around whether a product idea will fit a particular user’s behavior or not. I can validate some assumptions around pricing and business model.  I have to do it, but I dread it so much.

If you’re anything like me, I’d bet you’d dread it too.  So, if you’re dragging your feet in talking with potential customers for a particular business idea, I highly recommend applying for Lean Startup Machine (LSM) New York.  It’s on the weekend of April 1 (no joke) in NYC.  I’ve written about LSM before — LSM is a weekend event where you focus all your time validating your business idea.  You talk with real potential customers.  You run landing page tests and analyze them.  And as much as possible, you build a prototype (minimum viable product) to verify (or dismiss) that you have a potential business on-hand.  The weekend is meant for people like us — there’s nothing like being part of a whole roomful of people going out and talking with customers to give you the support and encouragement you need.  Not to mention, the competition always adds a bit of extra fuel to power you through doing your customer development well.  Jennifer and I will both be there as mentors that weekend to help you.

Stop dragging your feet.  Take your business idea to Lean Startup Machine New York and get going on it.  We’d love to see you there.

For more tips and resources on starting a web business without coding, visit LaunchBit.

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