3 Hacks to Generate More Leads with Twitter Cards

image courtesy of Twitter

Twitter cards are essentially apps that run within Twitter. One type of card that is particularly interesting to marketers is the Twitter Lead Generation card. We’ve previously written about how to set it up, but what can you do with it? How do you use it to encourage people to sign up for your email mailing list? 3 clever ideas we’ve seen:

1) Thank
Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover started building a following for his blog. People would inevitably retweet his posts or favorite them. Ryan realized this was an opportunity to encourage people to sign up for his mailing list so that he could continue to reach these people with subsequent posts that might be useful to them.

So, he created a Twitter Lead Generation card for his mailing list, and each time he thanked people on Twitter, he encouraged them to also sign up for his mailing list.

image courtesy of Ryan Hoover

The neat thing about this approach was that with one-click, people could easily sign up to receive subsequent posts, and he was engaging with an audience that wanted to hear from him.  Read his full post on this here >>

2) Run a contest

Rock/Creek uses Twitter Lead Generation Cards to increase signups for their mailing list. They generated 1700 leads in one week for a contest that would give away a new pair of sandals.

image courtesy of Twitter

Read more about how they did this here >> 

3) Giveaways and freebies

Lastly, you can give freebies to people who sign up for your mailing list. We’ve seen everything from free icons/images/clip art for designers to free coffees to free content. A cautionary note: if you’re trying to maximize your ROI on your email signups, you probably want to give away something that is aligned with your business. Giving away a free coffee as a B2B business might not attract the most relevant leads. But, giving away designer files or templates if you’re aiming to reach designers would be a great offer.

How have you used Twitter Lead Generation Cards?  Has it been effective?

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